Get the big picture of your entire project with User Story Mapping
  • Create and house stories until they are ready for production
  • Sort your stories into folders and releases with easy drag and drop
  • Use labels to more efficiently organize your stories
  • Get an accurate ETA for your project based on your team's data
Keep things running smoothly with fully customizable Kanban Boards
  • Create a fully customized board with ease!
  • Load stories into the backlog when they are ready for production
  • Easily assign stories to different team members in each phase
  • Move stories along the board as tasks are completed, and keep your team on track
See weekly, monthly and quarterly recaps of completed phases
  • Statistical overview of your project showing how efficiently projects were handled
  • Easy-to-understand data visualization
  • Customized sorting of history reports by team member or groups
Improve efficiency with cumulative analytics
  • Real-time chart that maps out each section of the project
  • Graphics that clearly show project bottlenecks
  • Visual representation of how your team is managing its time in each phase of the project


Popular Integrations
  • Real-time notifications in Slack keep you up-to-date with your team's progress
  • Custom Webhooks let you send information to a variety of services
  • Easily export your data to CSV to create custom reports and share your data with others
Google Chromecast™
  • Take your project to the big screen — any TV can show your Kanban Board!
  • Share your status and progress with the whole company
  • Client and morning meetings will never be the same!
Dedicated Installations
  • SmartView can run in your local environment with ease
  • Our team of experts will install and configure SmartView for you
  • Contact usfor further details and quote

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